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NMS @ Broadway Santa Monica Luxury Apartments

Santa Monica Luxury Apartments BRAND NEW! Live where it all happens at the brand new NMS@Broadway luxury apartments, located on Broadway and 15th, in the heart of Santa Monica, CA. Enjoy a great commute to Los Angeles, and be the first to live in these newly constructed masterpieces! Hurry in today!

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LuXe @ Broadway Santa Monica Studio Apartments

Santa Monica Los Angeles Apartments BRAND NEW! These beautifully designed Santa Monica studio apartments are located on the corner of Lincoln and Broadway. They consist of affordable luxury studio apartments for rent that feature functional living spaces in the center of Downtown Santa Monica!

From $1495

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Olympic Studios Santa Monica Apartments

Santa Monica Studio ApartmentLive, work, and play in a studio apartment in Santa Monica, CA! Olympic Studios Apartments has unique studio apartments and studio loft apartments. These apartments are conveniently located within walking distance from Santa Monica College and the Water Gardens.

Price: $1495

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Wilshire Margot in the Westwood area of Los Angeles

Westwood Wilshire Apartment10599 Wilshire Blvd, Westwood-Los Angeles - 90024 (310) 475-7600

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Olympic Studio Lofts in Santa Monica

Affordable Santa Monica Apartments2029 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica - 90404 310-828-3636


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Luxe@1539 Santa Monica Luxury Apartments

Santa Monica Luxury Apartment1539 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 393-3939


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How to Find Santa Monica Apartments










Santa Monica is a good choice for first time renters. Santa Monica has the beach, always a good plus in looking for an apartment, but as an entry point to residing in LA, Santa Monica has many options. While being beside the beach can increase the monthly dues to payments, Santa Monica also offers studio apartments as an alternative – it may not have a view but as long as you can get to the beach, it is practically the same thing.

Get a Broker

Just because you are looking for a studio apartment doesn't mean that you can't hire a broker to find Santa Monica apartments for you.  First of all, brokers are familiar with the territory, so they know where the best apartments can be found, and which ones are suitable for you. More than this, they also know the market value of the apartments, so you don't have to cough up for inflated prices with your landlord just because it is your first time to rent in Santa Monica.

All you need to do is inform your broker what kind of apartment you are looking for and your budget. He may have immediate recommendations of the top of his head, make a few calls, and you have your apartment. You might even get a little help for your relocation to Santa Monica – some brokers offer that as a feature in their service.

Get a Buyer's Agent

A buyer's agent is exactly the same thing as a broker with one big difference – the buyer's agent is on your side. A broker is a representative for the landlord or the apartment complex, and part of the arrangement is to sell, lease or rent the owner's properties at the owner's terms.

A buyer's agent, on the other hand, will look for deals advantageous to you. The difference comes after your choice of Santa Monica apartments – when signing a lease or an agreement with the landlord, a buyer's agent will try to protect you as much as possible with unreasonable clauses and insertions in accordance with California laws.

Know Your Rights as a Tenant

This is really the best way to find an apartment in Santa Monica – knowing your rights. In the process of knowing your rights, you will come across people of authority and knowledge with regards to these rights and renting, and will most probably guide you through the pitfalls of renting in Santa Monica.

Many landlords will claim that the contract they offer you is the standard contract, and that is usually the case. However, if it is your first time to rent, it is better to know what restrictions you are agreeing to before signing any piece of paper with your name. One such example is that you may earn interest from the initial deposit you pay your landlord, but under certain conditions. And you may be giving up such a right by just signing over the contract, because you may feel that you are wasting the waves.

March, 2012's Helpful Tips of the Month:


The Art of Finding Amazing Apartments in Los Angeles

If there was ever a place tougher to find an nice apartment, we'd like to find it! Currently, Los Angeles is one of the biggest and most job-filled cities in the world. With thousands of major companies that currently call Los Angeles their home, it's not wonder that finding an apartment in and near Los Angeles can be an extremely difficult task. Los Angeles Apartments are unique in that they span very wide in cost, amenities, and overall look and feel. One of the best perks to have an apartment in Los Angeles is that you get to enjoy all of the many events, attractions, clubs, shopping and fine dining that LA has to offer. Having an apartment specifically is wonderful for little upkeep, as opposed to owning a home, which requires different types of insurance, higher cost of utilities, and garden, lawn, and backyard upkeep, that is usually done by a landscaper or gardener that you would have to pay.

When searching for Apartments in Los Angeles, keep an eye out for newer properties that are just opening. There are a great deal of apartments opening, especially in the Santa Monica area. Santa Monica Apartments are a fantastic way to keep your commute to Los Angeles short, but avoid the higher cost of Downtown LA living. Check local listing websites for Los Angeles, such as this one, and make sure to tour at least 3 Los Angeles Apartment communities, so you can get a feel what the space, cost, and amenities that you will require. If you are able to, it is always a good idea to find one property development or management company and go with it. This way, they can show you more than one type and location of LA Apartment that they offer.


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